What a perfect morning! -I´ve been flying...

what perfect morning

Sometimes things just happends. Like today. A couple of days ago, some guests were saying they also had a helicopter, but they had parked it down town in the big city Tvedestrand and arrived to Englegaard guesthouse by car. I was kinda sad, cause I like "things with wings". I said to these guests that please bring your chopter next time. And then we laught.

The day after some other guests booked a room - and guess what - they asked if I had a parkingplace for a helicopter! Of course, of course we have. Or could manage to fix. So yesterday these guests checked in, and they asked me (hmph - I very carefully was begging for it...?) to take a short ride with them the next morning.

So today, in the midle of serving breakfast here at Englegaard - I joined them. I didn´t have to use my own wings for once - and could just enjoy the sight without sweating as I do when I use my own wings. I had my flipcamera with me, and my pocket camera. The conclusion is: I HAVE to get some friends with their own helicopter. It was awesome!! Take a look:-)

And - if you want to hear my funny voice and a lots of noice when flying,
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signatur med rd og hvit stol

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Halala Amini

25.jun.2009 kl.16:14

koselig blogg:D ta deg en tur til min blogg og legg igjen en kommentar om du giddr:* GOD SOMMER

Living White

25.jun.2009 kl.17:11

Så utrolig kult at du fikk deg en helikoptertur. Regner det er noe heeeelt annet enn vanlig fly. Sikkert en opplevelse for livet:)

Trine Grung

25.jun.2009 kl.18:59

NICE!!!! Så flinke du e kjære!! Stolt!

27.jun.2009 kl.22:48

Lucky u!


01.jul.2009 kl.11:36

Ahh=) Herlig herlig! En opplevelse kan jeg tenke meg! Håper du har masse besøk nå i sommer!:)


25.jul.2009 kl.19:08

Heldigvis er jeg samboer med en helikopterpilot! Det er såå DIGG!

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Med egne vinger har jeg flydd ut i verden... Underveis har det blitt mange små og store engleblikk. Det er disse jeg vil dele med deg.