My hilarious 33 hours instant vacation


  "You look tired, Céline - take a vacation..."

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I have this awesome boss. She is just one of a kind. The other day, she saw me sitting there with my wings hanging straight down and my glory was not shining at all. "You need to take some time off, Céline" and I suddenly felt this strange amazing vibrations coming. What a boss, I thought to my self - this was just what I needed! I have a familymember who was about to have a party and I wanted to join in, and I had a ton of things I wanted to spend some time to do. We agreed of a 31 hour vacation - and I really hope my boss don´t kill me cause I was delayed on my way home again. That´s why I´m sitting here, shivering and just have to write it all down. These memories will live forever now - once I have told you everything that happened...

For all of you that don´t know what I´m actually doing "for living"; I work as an angel. It´s true. Somebody has to do it. I´m one of those. I own and run my own company, a hotel called Englegaard (means house of angels..). No the name is not from that "famous" Swedish movie, but rather a consequense of a name I just found trying to convinse my bestfriend it was a good idéa buying a small hotell. She love angels. And I don´t have any boss - I´m my own boss - so I just kind of teased you, when saying my boss sent me on a vacation. I´m the chiefangel around here. (@sjefsengel), and just to make my days more alike to yours - I sometime pretend I have a boss. I refer to my boss, and sometime I make fun of her. That sorts of things makes my day even better, and I beleive that´s a good thing to do. Things do work out better when smiling, don´t you agree? (And I am Norwegian, wich means I speak most of all Norwegian. This english is not the best you´ve ever read - but I don´t mind. Do you?)

I don´t have to tell you it´s hard to be an angel? You know that all ready. Christmas is soooo heavy. Flying around. Smiling to everyone. But let me tell you how I spent my hilarious 33 hours vacation. My vacation was ment to start at 07.30 am yesterday. I was up at five thirty and made breakfast for some guests, after I had tried to run through the bathtub (I don´t have a shower:-( which is not cool at all.) These guest were actually worldchampions a few years ago. So of course they needed some extra service. All guests need that, and they got the extra extra service, you see. Early breakfast and lunch to go. Another angel flied in, and kept up the good work - smiling and make guests happily ever after by serving traditional Norwegian waffles, freshlymade strawberryjam and newlybaked bread - and of course browncheese or goatcheese  if that makes any more sense for you. (brunost). While guests were watching the cows outside dancing around and smelled the roses and lavender from our garden - I started my vacation. Oslo - here I come. The roses and jasmin waved to me - have a ni,ce time, Céline. We´ll miss you!

The rain was, believe it or not; following me! Like the rain wanted me to be it´s friend, but hey - I wanted to have some suntan. This is my vacation, dear Universe! But I was satisfied just to have some time off (and I think my employees also thanks Heaven that I´m gone now and then..) Anyhow; it takes about three hours driving to Oslo, the capitol of Norway from where I live and work in Tvedestrand. Yesterday there was about fifty times more cars hitting just where I was planning to drive, so I did spend some time queeing. That was fun. I had ploans to go to IKEA, that worldwide famous cheap everything-you-didn´t-know-you needed-but-have-to-buy-cause-it-is-cheap-store, and we were about one billion customers there. I did my shopping, and was waiting in a new line for paying. I smiled as I had the best time of my life. Vacation. Yoho!

I´m always thinking effective people is effective. So while this handsome cashier from Uruguay (probably) did his work, I packed all the candles and napkins quickly into ecological-think-green-I-love-and-care-of-my-enviroment-paperbags. Everytime I shop, people behind me think they are unlucky. I allways shop like I have a restaurant. But I have one. They are right. So that takes time to fill up systematicly everything so it will fit into my tiny mini macro car. The blue and yellow sweather said how much I had to pay, and I swapped my card and asked for the receipt. My card didn´t work!!! Suddenly I remembered that my bank had sent me NEW cards with chips. And I had NO cash with me at all. So I had to deliver everything back, and the line behind me were not exactly smiling. They were breathing strange. They had white faces. They had no smile. They were looking at me and all the candles I didn´t buy or even did all I could to put back in the store. I just left. I felt my wings falling and hanging down very sad and heavy... "Buy, buy - or was it "bye bye?" I wispered. shameful to my self. Walking extremely quiet out of IKEA. With a billion eyes following me out to the rainy first hours of my vacation. Vacation. Hah!

I was going to meet one of my friends, Trine, for coffee, chatting and lunch, so I put on my angelsmile and drove to "our" café. Everytime we meet, we have hundreds of things we´re supposed to talk about, but usually we end up chatting about socialmedia, blogs, blogging, twitter and all these projects we believe we can do together or just hers stunning projects:-)  She interviewed me once on her radioshow four years ago, after she had read an article about me as a "Supermum".(Somebody actually once thought I was a supermum...) And now I enjoy very much her friendship as the funny, warm, witty and colourful person as she is. Or, not just to me, but to most of the people she meets. She just has this special kind of ironic and openminded way to SOMETIMES write "things" about "famous" people on her blog... That could be the  reason she´s no longer a radio- or tvhost? Could it:-)  But that´s just for the moment! Her blog is one of the most visited blogs in Norway, and when Trine sets her self a goal - she gets there! Allways! Some years ago Trine was the first Norwegian visting the Oprah Winfrey show - about motherhood. She is also engaged to our one-and-only soccerplayer Jostein Flo. One of her latest ideas is that Trine wants to visit the Ellen show. And I´m looking forward to follow her  on that path and on other new projects as well. She motivates a large number of people to eat healty, to exercise and to believe in their self. That side of Trine is the side I know and love. Go Trine!

After a looong chattingscenario and multiples coffes, I hit the road again. I was going to my second cousins 40th anniversery. I was the first one arriving, and was lucky to get the queensize bed, cause I was going to sleep over. Vacation is vacation! Suddenly someone grabbed the shower before me, and I ended up in "my room" and what did I find -  a Mac! My time waiting was saved. So I hit twitter, my blog, facebook, and felt instantly at home. Vacation.

I heared voices from the livingroom, and after putting on diamonds, pearls and high heels I went downstairs and the champagne was flowing. What a bouquet of ladies! Hours and hours later I understood that my second cousin, Hanne Lill, had awesome friends - and with stories I closely couldn´t believe. I feel often I have too many stories of my own, and that "nobody" understands how "filled" my life is. Flying around, wearing angelwings and glory. All these ladies were mums. Some had five or six children and some had a couple of marriages behind them as well. You can say we had experience all in all, wings or not. One of these women had a very very extraordinary story. She was now married for the second time. Her new husbond and herself were grandparents for the same child. Beat that one. They met at their grandchilds nameday. But that was not all; she herself  had 8 siblings. And to top that story she told about her great great grand father. He had 52 children with 13 mums! What on earth!!

One of my familymembers bestfriends stood up and song a jazzy speach, (what kind of godess can do that after her?) and then she told us about how she ended up as a widdow at 26. I was lightly in shock of how all this souls travelling in this life must have been like... One told us about her childrens father that allways disappears for mounths every time they get a child. Gone for ten mounths or so. What was that?

These women is strong - and they were just like a mirror of my second cousin Hanne Lill. Last year she discovered a bump for the second time. You know those bumps you find under your arm or in the breast, and those kind you don´t want to find. So she went to the doctor. A couple of days later, she is one breast lighter, and chemo for a long time and all those things you know breastcancerpatients need to go thru. did I tell you that her first husband also had cancer? Some people have it all, and they prove to be stronger than I never believe I could be able to be. She is now happy married to her second husbond, and in this party his exwife also were.. One big happy family. The exes are friends, and they take care of each others children because they want and dream of a happy life. Life is love. All these people from yesterday knew what life is about, they had stories about lacking love, loosing love, finding love, finding life - life it self was us. It was a great night. This vacation night!

After laughing and joking with the exwife and her new husband both visitng that party yesterday, I also was still happy for those men that was suprisingly singing for Hanne Lill. Four amazing guys came and celebrated her with really faboulus accapella. They opened another bottle of champagne and everything was just great.

When it was time to go to bed, I turned on the Mac on my room - just wanting to tell the world about the chances to grab life and to live as your last day was here and now. But I didn´t do it. I just wanted to sleep. And dream positive dreams about the miracle of life that just hit me in my instant eyeopener vacation.We all have heard it before. Like carpe diem, grab the day, live your best life etc. So I know that you know. But I just wanted to say it one more time. Put it in another way. With other words. That´s what vacations is about.

I woke up this morning, and wondered where I was. No breakfast that I had to serve anybody and I was quick to lock the door and had a wonderful shower. At last. I needed that one:-) The birds was singing outside, and I saw blue blue sky outthere. Vacation. Yoho! I had seven hours left before I was about to be at Engelgaard. We ate breakfast and I hit the road. Again. I stopped at Trine and Josteins house. Just to get some more chatting and sun of course.:-) The rain was gone. Vacation is good. It is now a couple of hours since I came home. Delayed. One car was burning, so it took one more hour to drive pass. Then three cars crashed and one trailer felt over. When I got back in the restaurant ,my restaurant, my employees were about to leave. We were closing. I made a short resume of this instant hilarious 33 hours vacation, that sounds something like this:

I had an instant vacation, which was filled with everything I din´t plan to fill it with, and in lack of everything I thought it should be filled with. I met more colourful strong people than the rainbow it self, and beside driving and sleeping,my vacation was just perfct. just what I needed. I can go shopping another time. Life is so much more.

Driving: 9,5 hours
Sleeping: 8 hours (not normal)
Champagnedrinking 1 hour (drink and swallow)
Shower or waiting for shower: 1 hour
Partying, listening, smiling: 13,5 hours
= Vacation: perfectly 33 hours.

Enjoy some snapshots from my vacation:


Highway I

skyer og himmel

Highway II

ikke ligge i grnne enger

Close to the highway

i bil til ferie

I recommend everyone instant vacations!

signatur med flere fjr

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sigrid anny

22.jun.2009 kl.01:00

Sounds like the perfect vacation to me :) Må ha vært utrolig å høre alle skjebnehistoriene og se båndene mellom disse menneskene du har møtt.. Sånt er helig - blir så glad i livet da :)

Trine Grung

22.jun.2009 kl.08:36

PÅ ENGELSK FAKTISK! Du er bare herlig og jeg digger humoren din.....må vi svare på engelsk? HEhe....gleder meg til våre vinger møtes igjen!


22.jun.2009 kl.14:08

Utterly, utterly PERFECT vacation!!!! I'm not sure; is it the age, or life experience, that makes some of us, see the life and vacations like U do?
That is what I call intant gratification to your soul & heart:)
Love your stories både på norsk og engelsk!


24.jun.2009 kl.14:49

Du skriver så utrolig bra, og det er morro å lese bloggen din og se alt du har fått til! Det står det respekt av=)Kommer garantert til å følge deg videre på bloggen her!

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