Norwegians - the pillowed people


You knew it, didn´t You? It has to be something about the Norwegians that makes our glory twinkle and fuzz less than it seems to do these days. It´s a statement that we have a heart of gold (we give away all our spendings to the poor people somewhere in Africa and we make those peace-save-the earth-and-schoolprojects-in.the-third-world-agreements  alive.)

We have Fairytales from here to iternity (Thx, Rybak!! But, what on earth Alexander, why did you say NO to The Ellen Show? DId you drink too litle Møllers Tran?)) and we are lucky to find oil where ever we want. So what´s our challenge? They say we are rich, healthy, happy ever after, and we are the vikings that eats icebears for breakfast while we go outside in our beautiful nature for a walk. We looove walking and skiing.  Like one of our former primeminister said: It´s typical Norwegian to be good! I´m going to tell you some gossip about us, about the Norwegians....

Norwegians buy most pillows per person in the whole wide world! No one buys more pillows than us!
I am an angel, and our universe is also filled with feathers and soft stuff, but this pillowholic Norwegians makes my wings fly in reverse. How on earth is this possible? Why does it happend?

In stead of searching for facts and numbers, I wanted to make up my own opinion. That´s legal - if I also tell you about the incomplete study behind all of this. I made my angelanalysis of the pillowed Norwegians all by myself. No one to blame.

What happened? After more than half of the European people painted their houses (inside and even some of them outside the house as well) with off-white, white,chabbychickishwhite, sunwhite, sandy,snowwhite,  beige, caffe- lattish and believe me:  eggshellheaven loves it. And of course Jotun. All these houses and livingrooms were red, blue, bottle green and yellow a few (hmfr.) years back. Happily they have started to use wallpapers and colours again, but still....

Why did they paint everything? They wanted to be cool. Or was it more cold? The Norwegians are afraid to visit each other outside summerhollidays, when the tan is perfect and the next heavy barbequenite is coming up they smile to you and you may get a hug from one of them... They are not so busy visitng their old folks, who happends to live at a elderyhouse - with their own apartement and if they are lucky they can shower once a week... All these lonely people... Mums and dads are working from 7 to 23 (not true..but often busy with Facebook,Friendsfeed, Linkedin, Msn, Twitter, tv and other important stuff) and the afterschool groups is a good invention. (So called SFO).

That´s why Norwegian kids have their pillows as their next best friend. (They sit and hold around these different cool and funny pillows... It is even easier to speak when they can hide behind pillows. Pillows doesn´t gossip or want to show off your cellulites..?)  Mum goes shopping for more and more pillows, cause her house feels so cold - don´t know why?

Conclusion: The high amount of pillows in Norway has to be because we have too litle friends and family around us, using too litle time just popping by WITHOUT an invitation, and use all our money to get a nice home. ( Norwegians 35 milliards to fix our houses inside) .So here we are, the Norwegians all alone with all our pillows. And the best is: it is soooo cheap to buy a new pillow or ten. We are rich, don´t you remember? And just like magic - You keep on living happily ever after, streching in your beige sofa - with all those nice pillows...mmmmm..... wondering what makes life worth living?

Oh - I forgot soething important. How many pillows did the Norwegians buy? We are about 4,8 million people. Some of us have pillows from a couple of years ago, and some of us don´t care about pillows.

Norwegians bought 94 million pillows last year! 94 million pillows.

Please let me know how many pillows YOU have?

In your bed,
in the sofa,
in the garden,
on the loft,
on the veranda,
from your grandma or that one from poor old aunt Lisa,
in the garage cause it doesn´t look so cool anymore,
in your car,
in you homeoffice,
in your childrens bed?

(Pillow to sleep on - infront of your your computer. Blogg-pillow...)

(Pillow for tired officemembers - "custome made")

(Feels like a real person that emrace the baby... How do they know that the baby think it´s like that?)


silvergold squares pillow

(Miss my mum, my wife-pillow)
thai pillow
(For all of You backpack travellers... Remember the bar in Thailand?)



(Make another interesting message on your pillow? )

(I am afraid to sleep alone- pillow)

(Probably will keep you awake -pillow)


(scrabble-pillow. Did I have to mention that???)

(Heartbreak pillow - or if you are sick. Svineflue?)

(Like rocks. Check out Isandi pillows! They ROCK)


(Pillows for the hungry ones. Uhu...)






(Lost in the world pillows?)


(You don´t believe it, but this book is a pillow!! Cool!!!)





Please let me know how many pillows YOU have?

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24.mai.2009 kl.18:13

Estimado jefe de ángel. Los hoteles no tienen edredones y almohadas más que simplemente Englegaard. Yo me una manta de Ronel Jordaan, cuando es el momento. Necesario para empezar con una tienda más grande, y productos como este. Buenos productos de la cosecha y comercialización es claramente algo esta chica puede ;-) (google traductor puede dar algunos pocos tiros, pero mejor español, no puedo :-))


25.mai.2009 kl.12:31

This was so funny and so very true! I'm not telling how many I have, but since I'm not norwegian I know it's less than you! :-)


26.mai.2009 kl.06:23

Fantastisk. Puter skal man ikke spøke med. Blogge-puta skal jeg få tak i...:)


29.mai.2009 kl.19:10

sju. ni med de to røde jeg har lagt bort fordi de ikke matcher temaet på rommet mitt. livet som student/ung uten eget hus med mange rom gir litt færre muligheter, liksom. enniveis, ville bare si at det bildet med den babyen ga meg akutt verpesykhet kombinert med et ønske om å VÆRE babyen, så jeg kunne slippe unna dette oppgavehelvetet jeg befinner meg i atm. that's all. og, ja, fotografiene på det neste innlegget var nydelige, hvor er de fra?


01.jun.2009 kl.12:04

Norges største hemmelige ressurser foran en eventuell krig må være at vi faktisk kan stille et helt arsenal til neste store PUTEKRIG. Der vil vi være gode, skal vi tro statistikken.
Det er ivertfall godt at det finne puter nok til alle. Akkurat det er godt å tenke på!

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