10 AMAZING ways to loose friends irl

I´ve just flown in from a cloud near by, and turned my glory off for a second or ten. As i sat here with my wings hanging down infront of one of my beloved ones (my Mac), I felt how the words were exploding out from the inspiring keyboard with all those funny and remarkable letters on. Amazingly some how they ended up here in this awesome blogpost: 10 Amazing ways to loose friends in real life.(irl)

I will only tell about how I managed it, and please remember I am an angel.(Sjefsengel means chiefangel). We do care for YOU and YOUR friends. Deal?

celine  emeline 03
(Photo: Lisbeth Michelsen, Mamma magazine 06)

1: Make sure before birth to choose parents who love you unconditionally and endless.
(Don´t drop off all ready, folks!)
This is actually close to how it happends.
And that is the meaning of life: Love.

(Photo Liv Øvland, Allers Magazine 08)

2: Kiss most of the frogs you meet, and be prepared to find yourself with dry lips and no prince. You think for a second and wonders if french kiss is the next big thing? Do I have an awefull nose or does my feet smell more than ever? Do I have to let anybody else talk or dance with me? What do they mean? The sun never went down, and I could hear how the gras was growing. So green!

fryd og latterlm1001 natt
3: Get married or something like that.
There must be one at least for everyone of us. I did say "yes:-), I do"
Enjoy life of couples, dine with couples and learn how couples mingling with other coupleminded people live, talk, laugh and eat. Speak couplelish, bake big cakes and invite new couples and borrow other couples quotes for a good life.It´s easy to shear a botle of wine in two unlike parts.
Both will fall asleep until the next days of before you cut the couplished formed bread and make a new toast. Marmelade has never been sweeter and the evening news can be interesting. I know cause they say so. They do!
englegaard brd315 mirakel
(Photo: Liv Øvland, bread and photo: Per Stian; Miracle cake)

4: Get pregnant or something like that. (You know...the birds and the bees... do MORE than kissing..) and have the most fantastic child (or children) in our Universe:-) I was lucky and got that one!! Sorry, folks... Pets is also hot stuff for happiness. Don´t stop shearing that wine botle, don´t forget to follow your partner to the frontdoor and kiss him goodbye before he can work and work and work. The colours of your printer starts suddenly to lack red, pink, yellow. Why is your lazerprinter making fun of you?

cline og emeline verst venstre side
(Photo: Lisbeth Michelsen. Det Gode Liv (The Good Life) Magazine 06)

5: Divorcing time. (or something like that). Of course I don´t recommend divorcing unless unless unless. Ok? Love is still all!! I love love. Love love love. Dubidu. That´s how therapists and lawyers still have something to do. People need to work for living. Living for work. Everything that is written down is written down. Did I mention I love the colour white?

cline maler
(Photo: Eva Kylland, Kamille magazine 07)

6: Move to a new house. (or something like that) I bought (by accidental and of great impulse) a 1.500 squaremeter small guesthouse/hotel with 69 rooms to clean. Just to be sure I had rooms for all my friends that would drop by. It´s easy to forget that fresh and hot esspresso still kicks, some fresh chevre melts your heart and to ask your self why the lavender is still a dream to follow... 

But when you are in love (with a house as I were, and still is) you do what ever it takes. What ever! Outside we have our neightbours cows walzing around and smiling. They dance slow fox also. Sure. And this guesthouse looks like a million kisses all in one. Not a wall is straight, and not a window keeps the whispers of the winter outside.The guestrooms has no numbers, only names like Seaven Heaven, Joy & Laughter, Half Kingdom, 1001 Night for example.

You can enjoy life while eating our Miracle cake (it´s a true miracle of chocolate, where parts of it has meltet in pure excitement of you coming here..) We serve Secret dressing on our salad. It is sooo secret that we close our eyes while making it! Don´t be shocked if there is lavender or rosepedals in the dessert or lion leaves on the fish...
So I went for the moon, the sun and the rainbow. The stars were glittering and singing just for me...

englegaard 02
(Photo: Lisbeth Michelsen. Mamma magazine, 06.)

7: Invite for the Norwegian DIY party: Dugnad. I believe I was on the top of my career of friends irl, together with some new wannabefriends (oh,-so-funny-it-is-to-know a-person-who-own-a-hotel-friends). Make sure you arrange the best DIY Dugnad ever! I did. In my own joy and enthusiasm I asked for silence during the next waffel-break.(Waffels is standard for a perfect dugnad. With jam, sugar and sourcream. And coffe of course) " If we could plan the next DIY Dugnad while my 70 best friends can be together again....?" My friends started to run away. Enough waffels, too much paint and too litle sugar, darling. I even didn´t hear a frog for mounths!

cline  lite bilde
(Photo: Liv Øvland, Allers Magazine 07)

8: Keep up the dugnad and hardwork your self. Be sure you work 24-7. It´s pretty funny to be able to go barefoot to your job every day. To be home for lunch if that´s what matters. Make sure there is no gap to fall down into between private life and work. No broken feet or wings:-) Be a leader. Show how it is possible to let the guests be your new longtime wanted bossom friends. There is no time for christmascards or birthdaycards anyhow, so why not?

emeline og cline fixet kk
(Photo: Lisbeth Michelsen. KK Magazine april 09)

9: Remember to learn your child  to read, make dinner, clean the house and drive the car before the age of nine.
Then you make it possible to work more, to do more need-to-be-done prosjects with the 120 years old house, and you can easily borrow more money from the bank to do more typical women work (my mustage is hidden.), to be able to pay your plummer or unpersonal therapist. (Thank Heaven for the internet lifecoachers)

A bunch of wannabe-guesthouse-owners jumps into my lap now and then, and talks about southern Europe, wet Toscana-dreams, Italian stonehouses that longs for them... and about fifty people said they were going to by this guesthouse. My Englegaard. Hah!

( Photo: Lisbeth Michelsen, Eva magazine 07)

Englegaard means house of Angels. The name is adopted with my heart from an all-time-high Swedish movie, and maybe I thought of that film when I was fishing for compliments when I called a friend to ask if she thought I should buy this guesthouse....She LOVES angels, and I was just trying to sell her my ideas... (She is one of the only real friends I still have..) When Englegaard was for sale, it wasn´t supposed to be for sale anymore. The previous owners had tried to sell it for a couple of years - without any luck. So they stopped the sales prosess. There must have been an angel working in that office in the summer of 2003. She found the prospect of my "40 meter long crincled house" under all the papers in her drawer and sent it to a commercial newspaper. I had a tag on my mailbox: "Commercials? No thanks!"  But somehow I got that add. I found love. Under a week later I was the new owner.. Englegaard here I come.

The sky over me was long lasting blue. Everything was silent and in perfect hamony with the Hortensias and the smell of Jasmin. Was that a bird singing? Listen!

fb celine thommesen 281 kopi i 0175 210105
(photo: Eva Kylland, Foreldre & barn magazine 05)

10: Accept the fact that there is no places to order extra hours or extra feets, arms, wings or eraser for footprints. I descided to do the best I can with the wings I have, with the sky I participate in, with the world I love to be in. My former life has changed also, even if I havent touched it. Cause in this bubble of living, struggling to keep all feather high and shiny - it´s worth it - the peace in my heart has grown. Just because I bought a house and "lost" some friends. Please take good care of them:-) They are unique:-) Hopefully they do fly by them self, on their own cloudes.

If you wonder what I do to fill my social need of having real friends irl - in the real life - I am blessed with a handfull - and thankfully they are there for me as well. In the meantime I make friends with the guests of Englegaard, I write Célineish blogs (also for the first time in "bad" english) I tweet happily with my Twitter followers, and I tell all my secrets to my Facebookfriends. My photos is sheared on flickr or maybe twitpic? And someday Maybe I´ll get cought kissing a frog again. Or You´ll met me here as the new apron-queen and waiting for new tomorrows while I´m still smiling from wing to wing for today?

I´ll turn on my glory again. Not on "heavy shine", but a more cozy and loving sort of shine.
....Stretching both my wings and I smiling cause of the sound the feathers makes in the evening. They do tickle a bit, did You know that?  Then I raise up...  I am going to fly around for a while.

Love irl!

englegaard hagen bak roser2
(Photo: Please don´t be mad... Was for Hjemmet magazine 08)

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sigrid anny

21.mai.2009 kl.00:17

Ah. Elsker bildet fra ( Photo: Lisbeth Michelsen, Eva magazine 07) - ser ut som du har hvit aura (eller er det et lite glimt av englevingene?)
Kjenner meg igjen i det å fylle livet med venner over nett :)

Keep up the good work!!


21.mai.2009 kl.02:13

Beautiful story and pictures. Your english is lovely! Bravo! Stor klem!


21.mai.2009 kl.10:25

For en flott blogg du har ! Jeg skulle vært inne å lest litt tidligere, flotte bilder og krevende engelsk :) Jeg skal følge bloggen din med spenning fremover.


22.mai.2009 kl.16:28

Artig lesestoff.. du er dyktig! Ha en riktig god helg! :-)


22.mai.2009 kl.16:58

Tusen takk for hyggelige kommentarer:-)

Siden jeg har så få venner igjen - så er det klart at det varmer med ord fra kjente og ukjente:-D Rimelig utfordrende å skrive på engelsk, og får se hvor ofte jeg klarer det. Men, igjen - siden jeg har så lite tid til sosialt samvær med venner, har jeg jo god tid til å studere ordbøker og gramatiske vidundersider på nettet....

Ha en strålende helg, venner!


24.mai.2009 kl.10:40

Din blogg gjør godt! - TAKK


24.mai.2009 kl.12:50

Hei Linda!

Tusen takk - du er en venn:-))


03.jun.2009 kl.20:27

WOW...in english and printing: LOL;) Good writing, good story, and good eye on life:)
IRL friends they seem 2 be less through the years...but the best ones are still here...right?!

Jeg hadde også venner som *likte-andre-venner-som-eide-interiør-butikk*, men de er nå venner med de andre *som-nå-har-fått-seg-interiør-butikk*

Kos deg med vingene på din Englegaard, jeg drømmer om å være gjest der someday...
Og den glorien din skinner nok mer enn du aner! Og ang mannen drit i froskene...and wait for the RD:)

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